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Notice to visitors 【When using our facilities】

When using your facilities


Our hospital is guide-dog friendly, but pets are prohibited.


Smoking is prohibited on your hospital premises.


We promote the separation of trash.
Thank you for your cooperation.

When using cell phones


Cell phone free zone
The use of cell phones and smartphones is permitted only in designated areas of our hospital.


Email permitted zone
Visitors are asked to use email in permitted areas and follow the guidance of our staff in consideration of other patients.


Call permitted zone
*Our medical staff carry low-signal PHS to ensure prompt communication.

Valuables and theft prevention

  • Guard your own valuables. We shall not be responsible for any theft or loss that occur within our hospital.
  • Please be advised that we have security cameras installed in our hospital.
  • If you see anyone acting suspiciously, please notify a member of hospital staff near you.
    Thank you for your cooperation.

In case of emergency

  • In case of emergency such as earthquakes, fire and disasters, please follow the guidance of our doctors, nursing staff and hospital staff.
  • Please exercise courtesy and good manners when using the common areas in our hospital.
  • Any behavior that disturbs the order of our hospital such as disruptive behavior, drunkenness, violence, verbal abuse and illegal act will result in expulsion.
  • Please do not offer gratuity or gift to our doctors, nursing staff and hospital staff.