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Patient Registration

You must have a referral letter

 As a rule, if you wish to have an initial consultation or be seen as a new patient at our Hospital, you must have a letter of referral from a local healthcare provider(hospital or clinic) such as your primary care physician. To ensure you receive medical care smoothly, please bring a letter of referral.

New patient consultation

 New patient consultation refers to when you receive consultation at a hospital or clinic for the first time. You are also considered a new patient if you are receiving a consultation for the first time without an appointment in over a year, or a clinical department had discharged you.
Consultation with the following departments are by advance appointment only.
Connective Tissue Disorders / Orthopedics/ Chronic Fatigue Outpatient
To make an appointment through our community healthcare liaison office, contact your healthcare provider.

«Community Healthcare Liaison Office» (for calls from healthcare providers)

Hours: 09:00 ~ 19:00 (excl. Saturdays, Sundays, holidays and Dec. 29 to Jan. 3)
*Appointments from patients are not accepted.

Selective medical treatment charge

 To fulfil our role as an advance treatment hospital, we provide medical care in collaboration with healthcare providers in the community. Without a letter of referral, patients are required to pay ¥5,500 for an initial consultation(¥5,000 for midwifery) as 'selective medical treatment charge,' and ¥2,750 for re-examination(¥2,500 for midwifery) (excl. emergency patients and those on benefits).
 The same applies to patients who have not had a consultation in over a year without an appointment. (As of November 2019)

Return Patient Consultation / Appointment

 After examination, you will receive an 'appointment slip' at the department where you are seen. The appointment slip will have the date and time of your next examination.
 As a rule, you must book your next examination in advance.
 On the day of your appointment, complete your check-in using the Return Patient Check-in Machine before your appointment time, and submit your 'appointment slip' and 'patient registration card' at the reception indicated on your reception slip.
To change your appointment, call the department where you are to be seen between Monday and Friday from 14:00 to 16:00 (tests booked cannot be changed over the phone).
Registration Card
 Your registration card will be used in all departments. Keep it safe. If changes to your name, address, telephone number and health insurance card need to be made, please speak to a member of staff at reception.
 Receipts will not be reissued. Keep them safe.

Protection of personal data

 We provide safe medical care for our patients' peace of mind, and pay particular care as to the handling of our patients' personal data.

External prescription

 We make external prescription available to our patients to separate dispensary from our medical practice. Please see our External Prescription Counseling Desk.

Second Opinion
By advance appointment only. (call or inquire reception for details)

Hours: 13:00 to 15:00
Fees: ¥33,000 (it is not covered by insurance)
Duration of consultation: 60 minutes, including preliminary examination, report writing, and interview.
Reception: Counseling Desk 1 on the 1st floor, Cancer Counseling & Support Center (excl. non-consultation days)