Outpatient visits

New Patient

  • New patient
  • Patients who have not been seen in over a year
  • Patients who have been seen in a year but had been discharged by their clinical department.
You must bring
  • Letter of referral
  • Health insurance card, Medical Care Certificate for the elderly, or Medical Care ticket (those on welfare benefits)
  • Medication book (if available)

Flow of sign-in

New patient reception hours 08:45 to 10:30

Receive a‘new patient call number’ at the reception desk in the department where you are to be seen.


Fill out the ‘Consultation Form’
*Ask a member of staff for assistance if you have difficulty filling out the form.


When you see your number come up, submit your Consultation Form, Letter of referral, and Health Insurance Card (or medical care certificate for the elderly, etc.)at New Patient Reception (2)


Once your Registration Card is ready, it will be given to you at Registration card Counter 2.


Submit your Registration Card and letter of referral at the reception in the department where you are to be seen.

If you have made an appointment as a new patient through the Community Healthcare Liaison Office, get your Community Healthcare Liaison Office Call Number at Counter 2.
Outpatient reception in the department where you are to be seen
Charges calculation

Make a payment for your charges at the payment windows or the automatic payment machine.

External Prescription Inquiry (Osaka Pharmaceutical Association)
You can receive your prescription at a pharmacy near you
External Prescription Inquiry